Our core business at OASAL is the adoption of various scientific techniques and technologies to convert the cashew apple waste into useful products. Cashew apple is the fleshy part of the cashew fruit. The apple is a juicy and nutritious, but it has a short shelf life and is difficult to transport, which makes it a challenging product for commercialization. However, with the right processing techniques, the apple can be converted into several valuable products, including juice, wine, vinegar, industrial ethanol, and animal feed.

Processes involved here include collection, pasteurization, filtration, and blending as well as fermentation. The remaining solids after all these processes can be used as animal feed, as they contain a high level of nutrients.

Cashew apple waste processing has several benefits, including reducing waste, generating additional income for farmers, and providing nutritious food and feed products. Additionally, the processing of cashew apple waste can help to reduce the environmental impact of the cashew industry by minimizing waste disposal in landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.