Project in Duadaso No.1 and 2

Also, a hub of cashew production in the Jaman North District, Duadaso (both No.1 and 2) houses approximately 42% of the total production of cashew in the district. Neighboured to the south by Sampa, the capital town of the district, on the west by Jamera, Kokoa to the East and Brodi to the North, Duadaso No. 1 and 2 serves as a transit hub to cashew coming from Brodi, Debibi, Namase, Menji, Goka, Mayera and Nasara.

At Duadaso No.1 and 2, OASAL mainly is involved in de-nutting the nut from the apple to these farmers at a faster and cheaper rate. Before OASAL introduced the OG23C de-nutting machine, famers usually hired 4 labourers who then spent approximately 4-5 hours de-nutting a bag of cashew apples at 60 cedis. Today, our de-nutting machine drastically reduce the man-hours by 4hours and 30mins and it cost famers a reduced 40 cedis a bag. Also, the fruit after de-nutting is then transported to our mini site in Jamera for processing into industrial ethanol, biochar and biofuels.